Key Learnings
Certification Benefits
"Emotional competence is the single most important personal quality that each of us must develop and access to experience a breakthrough."
- Doug Lennick, VP of American Express Financial Advisors (Ameriprise)

Emotional Intelligence is the science of helping people make informed choices and decisions. 80-90% of the competencies that differentiate top performers are in the domain of emotional intelligence (EQ). While IQ and other factors are important, it is clear that emotional intelligence is essential to optimal performance.

This is a practical and unique programme for both the experienced and aspiring EQ practitioners. In this highly engaging 5-day session, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of emotional intelligence and, more importantly, practical skills and techniques that you can use immediately for your personal development and to support others in their growth.

Some Key Learnings from the Programme

  • Learn the latest EQ principles, ideas and techniques to maximise personal capacity and that of others
  • Experience a new and transformational level of self-awareness that will make a significant difference at work and at home
  • Be equipped with the ability to manage feelings, control impulses and handle stress for more effective decision-making while building resilience
  • Learn how to develop sustainable relationships by practising empathy, communicating authentically and valuing trust
  • Know the importance of aligning purpose, values, and beliefs with thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Learn how emotional intelligence can be applied powerfully in the specific areas of personal effectiveness, communication, change, coaching and mentoring, and influence
  • Gain information on the latest neuroscience and psychology research on the brain and performance

While it is important to understand what emotional intelligence is, learning how to apply the skills and techniques is far more important.

During the 5 days, you will learn all the "How-To" in a fun, interactive and experiential way!

Who Should Attend

  • Leaders, Managers and Executives
  • Trainers and Coaches
  • Professionals and Consultants
  • Counsellors and Educators
  • Anyone looking to apply emotional intelligence to life!